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Streaming Audio Recorder Plus

Streaming Audio Recorder UI

  • Record streaming audio from any web site such as YouTube, Pandora, Napster, Rhapsody
  • Record streaming audio in 1:1 quality
  • Split streaming recordings between songs and filter out ads during audio recording process
  • Schedule to record audio when you're not at home
  • Save audio recordings automatically as MP3 files or other formats
What's new:
  • Manually control audio recording time as you want to
  • Detect sound card settings automatically when you record audio online
  • Record streaming audio off the Internet or any signal from your soundcard
  • Silent Detection and File Limitation available with streaming audio recorder plus

How Streaming Audio Recorder Help You?

Sometimes, you may want to capture streaming audio from Youtube, Pandora music, BBC Radio, Amazon or audio website. But you don't know how to record sound and save this mutlimedia stuff? Now the Streaming Aduio Recorder Plus can solve your problem and make you listen to your favorite audio/music content on PC, MP3 player or your cellphone. Streaming Audio Recorder Plus is a audio recorder tool which can capture audio from your PC to files of mp3 or wave formats. With this audio recorder program, you can record sound anytime and anywhere. No matter what kind of Windows OS, vista or and windows 8, this audio recorder software can work fine.


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