How to download BBC Radio?

"Many people including me like listening BBC Radio, which can enrich our dull and dry life, broaden our horizon. Foe example, some radios often introduce countries distinct specialty, depict wonderful landscapes and so on. But it is troublesome that I always can't get my favorite program timely due to my busy schedule, can anyone help me?-------Jack from Italy

I have encountered the same problem like you. I live in a remote country, receiving no BBC Radio signals. So I want to need a program to record BBC Radio to make up this minimal flaw. But I can't find a good program to record BBC Radio.----TOM from USA.

HEY, I think your problem will be solved, because I have met the same problem like you. By coincidence, I discovered a program called Streaming Audio Recorder Plus. It can avoid problems like buffering, quality loss and download on demand streams faster. So it is preferable to use Streaming Audio Recorder Plus. With the software, you can record from thousands of audio sources on the Internet and quickly build up a collection of digital music that is legal. Following I will share my experience about how to use this software to download BBC Radio.

Step1: Download Streaming Audio Recorder Plus and install it.

The easiest and safest way to download software is go to the official site, click download button, choose saved path . After a while, you will see the software list in the download file. Extract the package here and Install it. Then you will see a new icon in your desktop, double click it.

Step2: Select your favorite BBC radio stations.

Open the BBC Radio Player, select the radio station you want to listen (or record) and hit the Play button.

Step3: Record BBC Radio.

As the radio player starts to buffer audio content, switch to Streaming Audio Recorder Plus and press the Record button at the middle of the interface (it's in dark-red color). You'll see a green waveform up and down, indicating that the recording is beginning. During the recording process, you can stop the recording casually just press the Pause button next to the Record button.

The software will automatically save the recording as a WAV file. If you want to save the streaming radio as an MP3 file, selecting "option" in the drop –down menu, choose Mp3 file formats.

So download any streaming radio from the internet to your hard drive as a WAV or MP3 file with Streaming Audio Recorder Plus is easy to realize. Have a good time to your download BBC radio process.