How to download Pandora Music Streaming Audio Recorder Plus?

"I really like Pandora Music. However, what annoys me is that Pandora don't support downloading services. Why? Can anyone tell me audio recording software which is in favor of recording Pandora music?I heard Streaming Audio Recorder Plus can record streaming audio such as Pandora Music"—Jack

That's what I've encountered recently. Each coin has its two sides. On one hand, you have strong desire to listen to wonderful music on On the other hand, your downloader records Pandora music of poor quality, which makes you disappointed. So you are fed up with the current situation. However recording Pandora music of high quality is no longer as difficult as in the past. I am a lucky dog. I've discovered a well-designed App to download Pandora music. Here I would like to share it with you.

Streaming Audio Recorder Plus will cater to you. It is a simple audio recorder which could automatically detects and records music from the internet or PC. Once you come into possession of this program, you could record music from Here are steps about how to download music from Pandora by Streaming Audio Recorder Plus.

Step1: Download Streaming Audio Recorder Plus

Open your IE Browse, head to the Streaming Audio Recorder Plus official site to download the free trial.

Step2: Install and run Streaming Audio Recorder Plus

Find and extract the Streaming Audio Recorder Plus download package. The whole installation process is easy, anyone can install it without any problems. After installing the software, double click the icon in your desktop, the Streaming Audio Recorder Plus is running now.

Step3: Pick out which music you wish to listen from Pandora

Please note that you must keep your recording process in an silent atmosphere, otherwise, you may record inferior Pandora music. Head to the, choose your favorite music, playback it. Then the Streaming Audio Recorder Plus automatically detects and records Pandora music.

Once you complete the recording process, you can replay your favorite Pandora music offline.