How to record streaming audio?

So far, recording streaming audio from the Internet has been a fairly straight forward task for the most folks. If you are a music fan or frequently listen to BBC radio, you might often record streaming audio for later use. Before choosing any streaming audio recorder software, you must weigh your feature needs carefully in order to lower your costs. You don't need any special hardware for your PC or expensive software to record streaming audio, just use Streaming Audio Recorder Plus to address all audio recording problem. Following are steps abou how to record streaming audio.

Step1: Make sure you have an audio input device.

Step2: Download and install Streaming Audio Recorder Plus.

Step3: Select your favorite music online. For example, you are opted to record Napster music for your audio recordings.

Step4: Run Streaming Audio Recorder Plus. Click the Record button in the middle of the interface. Play the music source from Napster, start to record streaming audio and end it at any time.

Step5: During recording process, you can manually set the length of streaming audio recording time.

Step6: The music you record is archived automatically. You can open the file with the URL displayed in the black section of the windows.

Now, it's your time. Download Streaming Audio Recorder Plus and check this step-by-step tutorial on how to record streaming audio.