How to remove ads during Sound Recording process?

Some guys always meet troublesome things during sound recording progress. For example, music fans are recording Pandora music when a chip of ads appears, which has great effects on sound recording quality.

Sometimes choose best Sound Recorder software to record sounds is necessary. You can record sound from different audio sources, such as a microphone or streaming online audio sources. The types of audio input sources you can record from rely on the audio devices you have and the input sources on your sound card.

So if you want to record sound online, you'd probably prefer skipping ads. After all, a big reason you record programs is to avoid commercials, right? Here's a fairly simple and free way to start cutting commercials in no time.


First: Master the time of ads emergence accurately. You can get the time by your watch or your computer.

Second: Download and install Streaming audio record plus

Now you can record your favorite sound. The software will automatically remove the ads by your schedule setting, which you can see the performance in the "schedule" section. Click the "Schedule" button in the interface, then manually input the start recording time and the stop recording time. In this way, you can get sound recordings without any commercials.


If you want to change the saved path, first, click "change" button, then select the path you want to store your sound recordings.